The first St John's Anglican Church, Mudgee

The current St John's Church, on the north-western corner of Market and Church Streets, is the second church on the site. The first St John's, completed in 1841, was mooted even before the establishment of the town of Mudgee in 1838. The first St John's was part of an intense church-building program buy the first Bishop of Australia, Bishop Broughton, who enlisted the skills of a competent architect, John Hume, whose work is today only known to those familiar with colonial architecture in New South Wales.

By the late 1850s the first church was too small to cater for the burgeoning town's parishioners, swollen by the gold rushes. Sydney-based architects Weaver & Kemp designed a new church which was built adjacent to and to the north of the first church.  When completed in 1860, the first church was demolished. The tower of the second church remained truncated until the late 1870s.


John Broadley