ADFAS Mudgee lecture: Empress Josephine

Several years ago I gave a talk to the AGM of ADFAS Mudgee on The Architects of Mudgee. On Friday 10th April 2015 I will be delivering a Powerpoint presentation on the Empress Josephine. This enchanting and intriguing woman, first wife of Napoleon, played a prominent role in European history for some ten years from 1799, the year of Napoleon's ascent to power, until 1809, the year of her divorce. She was also noted for her style and taste in a variety of fields and is also, like Queen Victoria, the grandmother of Europe's royal families; in fact, their descendants have frequently intermarried.

Josephine, like Napoleon, was fascinated by the emerging continent of Australia, so mysterious to distant Europeans. As a result of numerous scientific voyages to Australia conducted by the French in the first decade of the 1800s, many of our exotic plants, birds and animals were dispatched to the gardens and hothouses of the Chateau de Malmaison, Josephine's exquisite retreat on the south-western outskirts of Paris. Come along and find out more about this fascinating woman.